Hurtigruten Expeditions have found that solo travel is on the rise, with one in eight UK travellers booking solo travel in 2023, up from one in 10 a year ago.

Guests are looking for their own space onboard ships, but still enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and Brits are taking trips alone more now than pre-pandemic. Across all their voyages Hurtigruten Group saw a 32% increase in the proportion of solo British bookers in 2022 (11.3%) compared to 2019 (8.6%).

Each month, Hurtigruten Expeditions announces new sailings under their ‘No Single Supplement’ offer for solo travellers, with selected cabins available to book across a range of destinations without any of the additional costs normally associated with travelling alone, compared to travelling with a partner. These deals range from 18-day sailings to Antarctica, 11-day sailings around the Galapagos Islands, to 6-days around Svalbard.

Solo travel is popular for Brits that enjoy exploring those faraway places, as well as options that are closer to home. Hurtigruten Expeditions found that solo explorers on the British Isles sailings have more than doubled between 2019 (6.5% and 2022 (12.9%). Additionally, the number of solo travellers booking a Norwegian excursion has more than doubled between 2019 (6.6% and 2022 (14.8%).

More popular destinations away from home for solo travellers include The Galapagos, with the highest proportion of solo bookers at 21.2% of all bookings and Antarctica with solo bookers accounting for 18.9% of South Pole explorers.

Asta Lassesen, CEO of Hurtigruten Expeditions said:Our expeditions are designed with every kind of traveller in mind. Following years of uncertainty for global travellers, exploring the world now ranks at the top of many must-do lists. Our expeditions bring together like minded individuals, so whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner, or as part of a group, there is always a strong community spirit between guests and crew. For solo travellers, we offer the opportunity to get to know other guests doing the same, either through group meet-ups or shared dining experiences onboard.”