Intrepid Travel is adding carbon labels to more than 500 itineraries, including its top 100 trips, with plans to continue measuring and disclosing the emissions of every trip. These labels, which appear on the individual tour pages on the company’s website, will tell travellers the carbon footprint of each Intrepid tour.

The carbon label will show the total CO2-e of the trip, per traveller, per day. The total emissions are calculated by identifying the different components contributing to the overall carbon footprint, including accommodation, transportation, food provided during the trip, activities, the local operations’ office emissions and waste, with a 15% contingency then added to each trip’s total emissions.

Intrepid’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory calculation process was developed in line with the best-practice requirements set byClimate Active, an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and corporations to drive voluntary climate action in the private sector.

As part of the debut, Intrepid commissioned new research showing that the majority (66%) of Brits have no idea what their carbon footprint is and 63% of Brits ‘don’t really think about the carbon footprint on a regular basis’. However, 70% of respondents said they were willing to change their everyday behaviour and buying decisions to minimise their carbon footprint. Just 36% of Brits said they find it easy to find information about the carbon impact of their holiday.

Travellers will also be able to access information on how Intrepid is offsetting these emissions and compare the data with everyday activities.

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