SeaWorld Orlando’s All-New Pipeline: The Surf Coaster set to open

SeaWorld Orlando’s all-new Pipeline: The Surf Coaster will open to the public on Saturday 27th May, with a special ceremony featuring a “beach-front” ribbon cutting, in keeping with the ride’s surf theme.

Pipeline is the world’s first surf coaster and a first-of-its-kind attraction that features a rise and fall motion of the seats that mimic the sensation of riding a wave, including five airtime movements, including a “wave curl” inversion that replicates the well-known “alley-oop” surfing manoeuvre. Spanning 2,950 feet, with a maximum speed of 60 MPH and reaching a height of 110 feet, “Pipeline: The Surf Coaster” will offer guests all new thrills and spills. The brand-new coaster is located at the front of the park between Flamecraft Bar and Bayside Stadium.

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is the official conservation partner to Pipeline, working with SeaWorld to raise awareness of marine life and the need to protect the Florida coral reef.

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